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Air purifying qualities.

Air So Pure plants make the air healthier by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen

The green medicine

The quality of the air in which we live is essentially important to our health, our fitness and our well-being. This is not only the case for the open air, but certainly for the air in the rooms in which we spend a large part of our lives: the living room, the office, the classroom. The air quality in these spaces is contaminated by chemical substances that are not only released from furniture, clothing, floor
covering, wall covering, paint, printers etc. etc., but also by people themselves. Extensive scientific research has shown that plants are capable of absorbing these substances from the air, cleaning the air in that way.

Every plant produces a certain amount of oxygen, but not many plants have these air-purifying qualities. Our plants:
    Neutralize harmful gases by absorbing them and breaking them down
    Improve the humidity level in the air using their regulating vaporization process
    Make the air healthier by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen


Research and air purification

The improved ventilation and air purification provided by plants are important factors in the prevention of such ailments. The NASA research showed that several plants in particular could convert CO2 into oxygen more effectively than others. Further, these plants significantly lowered the percentage of harmful particles in the air. After these plants were in the test space for several days, the test person entering the space would no longer suffer from such complaints! Since those earlier tests, organizations such as Fytagoras and PPO (Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving) continue to research this group of plants, which aid in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Do you also want to live and work in such healthy surroundings? Then go ahead and pick out some Air So Pure plants!

How many plants are required in a room?

Estimates can be made of the number of plants required. The more the better, the higher the air purification capacity
the better. The following may apply as a rule of thumb: 350 grams of leaf mass of a reasonably good air purifying plant vary from person to person.

surface area

 number of plants

30 m2

2-3 (pot 17cm)

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