Calathea - Air So Pure


Air purifying qualities

Decorative and air-purifying

Calathea is a special, highly-decorative houseplant with colourful, variegated foliage.

Calathea is a houseplant that really purifies the air, so it is a true eye-catcher in every interior that also makes a contribution to a better and healthier indoor climate.

Calathea is also special for another reason: it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning! This is the reason why Calathea is also called the ‘living plant’. The plant owes this ability to a small ‘joint’ between the leaf and stem. Light moves the joints and, as a result, Calathea’s leaves open and close – which is sometimes accompanied by a rustling sound.


Calathea (Marantha), a sturdy tropical houseplant, is a native of South America.


Our range consists of many different varieties which are available throughout the year. We supply our plants in different pots, with a total plant height of between 65 and 90 cm. Our specialities are of the round-leaved variety.

•  Dottie
•  Lancifolia
•  Medaillon
•  Mirosha
•  Orbufolia
•  Ornata
•  Rosea
•  Rufibarba
•  Sanquinea


Calathea is referred to as a shade plant, since in nature it grows in the densely vegetated tropical rainforests of South America. For this reason the plant may not be placed in the direct sun: it prefers a semi-shaded spot at a temperature of between 16 and 27 °C.
Calathea is a marvellous decorative plant: a large Calathea will thrive in the hall, an office or a workplace at home. However, you must put Calathea in a draught-free, light spot in the shade or semi shade. Make sure that the plant never stands in the sun.


Calathea is a tropical plant that is found in nature in countries such as Brazil. For this reason the plant thrives in a high humidity: spraying the plant occasionally will be beneficial. Do not allow the pot soil to dry out completely – but take care:  water standing in the pot means wet roots, which Calathea does not like. So give the plant regular but small amounts of water!

Giving fertiliser once every 14 days will ensure that you can enjoy your houseplant for a long time:
the plant will continually develop new leaves. The leaves of a plant that is not happy will curl and shrivel, and will stop growing.

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