Chlorophytum Atlantic - Air So Pure

Chlorophytum Atlantic

Air purifying qualities

an outstanding plant

Chlorophytum Atlantic stands out because of her long small variegated leaves. When the plant grows older, it will grow footstalks with little plants. The small, mostly white leaves form a long, branched or not, panicle. Some species also have panicles on the small plants, so, when they hit the ground, they willform roots. These small plants can be put into the soil, so you can grow groups of plants together.


The name Chlorophytum comes from the Greek: chloros means green, and phyton means plant. The more then 200 species are perennials and origine in the tropical and subtropical areas of Africa and Asia.

Desired location

The Air So Pure Chlorophytum is a plant that is really easy. You can put it almost everywhere. The only thing it doesn't like is direct sunlight.


A Chlorophytum will form thick, fleshy rhizomes. This means that the plant loves water, so don't let it dry out. We recommend fertilizing once a month, to keep this Air So Pure plant healthy. Water in summer twice a week, in winter once will be enough. De ideal temperature for a Chlorophytum is between 18 and 24°C. The plant doesn't like strong temperature changes.

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