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The Ficus is an enormous diverse plant species. There are countless sub crops that can also vary greatly in appearance. Most of the Ficus species that are sold as houseplants come from the rainforests of southeast Asia. Thailand, Malaysia and India are often mentioned as countries where the Ficus occurs frequently in the wild. 


Because the Ficus is accustomed to the climate of southeast Asia, where the sun is much brighter, it prefers to be in as much sunlight as possible. Try to place a Ficus as close as possible to a window, preferably a window that looks out to the south. This is where most of the sunlight comes in. Don't forget to turn the Ficus once every few weeks, so that the different sides of the Ficus see the sun. Otherwise the plant may become bare on one side, and no one wants that to happen. Make sure you water the plant a little more when it is in full sunlight and a little less when your Ficus is in a fairly dark spot. Finally, it is important that the Ficus is not in the wind, when windows or doors are open. 


The Ficus originally comes from the rainforest and loves water. A good guideline is to ensure that the soil is always moist. This means that the earth is not dripping with water and not very dry. You can measure it with your finger, if you take it out again and there is no soil at all, then the soil is too dry and the Ficus needs water. Mostly you only have to water a Ficus once a week. Use water at room temperature, especially in wintertime. How much water the Ficus needs depends on the length of the Ficus and the season (in summer a plant consumes more energy and therefore needs more water). The Ficus also likes extra fertilizer once every 2 weeks.


If a Ficus becomes too big or he has developed ugly offshoots, it is best to prune them in autumn. Pruning helps because the plant has nourishment left over to grow new branches and more light is coming back on the trunk. By pruning you make sure that you keep a beautiful, full Ficus which is not too big or has a lot of offshoots. You can simply cut away branches that are too long with scissors or a knife. Sometimes white juice will come out of the cut-off branches, this wil stop automatically.


The Ficus juice is white and can cause irritation when it contacts the skin. Eating a Ficus leaf is therefore not recommended. Make sure that children do not put leaves in their mouths. It is certainly not life-threatening, but it can cause irritation. Furthermore, the Ficus is a very friendly plant.

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