Plant in the classroom - Air So Pure

Plants in the classroom

Research in companies has shown that certain plants have a significant air-purifying effect.
Do these plants have the same effect in primary schools? In 2010-2011, TNO and Fytagoras carried out research into the effects of the Air So Pure air-purifying plants at four schools.


Without plants in the classroom
Initially, researchers examined 12 classrooms in Leiden, Gouda and The Hague. The researches examined the indoor climate and the concentration levels and learning performance of the children. This test lasted 10 weeks. The levels of CO2, humidity, temperature and air pollution were recorded continuously.

The concentration levels and learning performance of the children were also tested. They were also asked about their health.
After this initial research, it was possible to determine how many plants of each type should be placed in the classroom. The plant calculator was developed for this purpose.

In the second part of the study, air-purifying plants were placed in 8 rooms and 4 rooms were left without plants. The same measurements were then taken over a period of 16 weeks. At the end of this period, the concentration levels and learning performance of the pupils were measured once again. Their health was also examined as before.


In classrooms with plants and regularly enough light (>15) PAR-light, positive effects are shown:
10 – 20% CO2 reduction
Demolition of “unsavory odors” within 45 minutes to 0-level
7% less health complaints
More creativity and a more than 20% better score at tasks and test (a 35% better score at the cryptography-test).

How do plants do that?

The plant is a little factory.
The cells of plants are small chemical factories where chemical substances are converted into other substances,
substances are broken down and substances are formed. These controlled reactions are often carried out by enzymes
in the plant. The various parts of the plant, leaves, stems, and roots are connected to one another by transport channels
through which water and the substances dissolved in the water are transported through the plant. Substances in the
leaves can reach the roots in this way.

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