Spathiphyllum - Air So Pure


Air purifying qualities

A plant for everybody and in every room!

Air So Pure

The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum is a hearty, full-blooming, air-purifying plant that is easy to care for. This plant is available in a broad range of pot sizes, leaf shapes and flower sizes.


The Spathiphyllum is also called the ‘spoon’ or ‘flag’ plant. It originally came from Colombia and Venezuela and belongs to the Aracaea family. In 1870 the Spathiphyllum was introduced in Europe. The upright white flowers are characteristic of this plant.


The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum flowers are always white, but vary in size and number depending on the race. The bigger the plant, the bigger the flowers. However, flower size is also dependent on the race of Spathiphyllum. Some Air So Pure Spathiphyllum plants have lightly scented flowers.


The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum is available in many different types and sizes. All of the types are full, blooming plants with long life expectancies.

Each race has its own unique qualities, such as the size of the flowers and the size or shape of the leaves. These attributes are then combined with the most suitable pot size.

Desired location and care

The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum enjoys partial sun or a shady location, and definitely does not do well in sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 59 and 74 F°.

The soil should remain moist. Add a large amount of water roughly once a week. The plant’s roots may stand in a layer of water. For a healthy Air So Pure Spathiphyllum, we recommend adding plant food to the water in the watering can once a month.


The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum blooms for roughly four to ten weeks and then needs a couple of weeks of rest to create new buds. After flowering, it is good to cut the old (green) flowers, along with their stems, from the plant. The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum continuously grows new shoots, from which new flowers will emerge after roughly twelve weeks. To aid in the flowering process, it may help to keep the plant temporarily drier and set it in a slightly cooler place.

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