Summer Course Plant Care - Air So Pure


What a wonderful summer weather! But our Air So Pure plants feel less comfortable with it! Just like us, they are more thirsty.
A plant loses moisture through the leaves due to perspiration. In fact, they just sweat! In this way they release moisture to the air, which ensures a pleasant climate in the home.
Yet, sweating in this warm weather is not enough for the plant to cool down. So give your plants a nice shower twice a week, in the bath or in the garden. Leave them in a 5 cm water bath for about 15 minutes and make sure the root ball is sufficiently moist when you bring it back inside.

Keep the plants out of direct sunlight so that the leaves will not burn. Some sun in the morning or evening is really enough!
If we take good care of the plants, they will take good care of us! This way the plants stay healthy and green for a long time and they continue to purify air all summer!
Has the neighbour forgotten to water and shower the plants during your holiday? Then quickly go to your garden center for new Air So Pure plants!

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