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Air So Pure's range of air-purifying plants has proven to be particularly well known to consumers who are consciously living their lives and make the right choices with this in mind.
With Air So Pure plants you will get a plant in your home in several areas contributes to your well-being. These plants convert toxins and CO2 into oxygen in a very efficient way.
Therefore it seems very contradictory to use a package of plastic for these plants.


An organic line has been developed in cooperation with our regular packaging supplier. The labels with cardboard look are produced of a fully organic material called PLM BIO and are inserted with a bamboo pin. The Eco line also consists of a craft paper sleeve and a cardboard tray.

Air So Pure focuses on the healthy effects of our air purifying plants and with this in mind we, as organization, closely follow the developments in the field of packaging. We cannot deny that every form of packaging has a certain impact on our environment.

Why use package at all?

Of course it is preferable to deliver without any packaging at all. Unfortunately, this is not an option because during transport to the store and to the final consumer our carefully grown air-purifying plants will get damaged without any form of packaging.
Our plants purify your air with the stomata on their leaves, that is why our plants are too valuable for us to let it get damaged during transport.

Then why still use plastic packaging?

Of course we have to deal with plants that have a wet root ball. This moisture is absorbed by a paper pot or box. For this reason, we regularly have to choose plastic packaging materials.
As mentioned before, every form of packaging has a certain impact on our environment. In some cases, research has shown that, thanks to the current recycling possibilities, a plastic sleeve is even less harmful than using paper.
As organization, we strive to make our packaging as sustainable as possible.
Whether it concerns a plastic or paper packaging or label, we try to make a choice as conscious as possible in our packaging material with the lowest possible impact on people, animals and the environment. That is why we currently use two packaging lines, but we try to steer our customers as much as possible towards our eco-packaging line.

In the meantime, we regularly let ourselves inform about new packaging materials and in some cases we are even the initiator of certain developments in this field.

Air So Pure eco etiket

Production | Breeding

The growers of Air So Pure are privileged to work in the healthiest air available. A nursery full of plants that collectively purify all CO2 and other harmful substances from the air is fantastic, of course. 
The plants take care of us and in their growth process, the grower ensures that the conditions are perfect for optimal growth of these air-purifying beauties.

Geothermal heating

One of those conditions is a fine, warm greenhouse. Many of our growers use geothermal heat instead of natural gas. With geothermal heat, hot water is pumped up from the depths of the earth, where it is warmer. After the greenhouse is heated, the cooled water is pumped back after which it is heated again. This circular system has significantly reduced CO2 emissions in production!


As the plants grows, there are sometimes external threats to the plants. For example, pests of creatures can occur. Air So Pure naturally has a strong preference for controlling such pests with biological means in order to limit the impact on the environment. However, we are also realistic: sometimes using a good pesticide once is better than using a biological pesticide several times that is not sufficient. In all individual cases a conscious choice is made by the grower. 

Also in the field of production we continue to be educated about the best choices for the benefit of people, animals and the environment in order to be able to deliver the healthiest possible product!

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